Rechargeable LED dog collar - Dog collection

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⭐️Promising review: "Now that the evenings are getting darker..and so are the mornings, this collar is exactly what we needed for our two puppies. We got one in green and the other in blue and both are BRIGHT. It gives us peace of mind because no matter what they are up to, we can see them.

⭐️I will also add in that it has added a wonderful entertainment value to our evenings because it is like attending a rave in our backyard. We get to watch two glow sticks run and wrestle; it has been pretty fun. Beyond that, it gives us peace of mind that they will be seen by others so there is a built in safety measure. We also got the leashes but haven't used them yet. I am sure after daylight savings ends, we will need them for walks. I highly recommend these collars (and leashes!)." —TReader


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Customer Reviews

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Flo Stroman

Rechargeable LED dog collar - Pets collection

Cicero Wuckert

It was too long. On functions while everything is fine-it shines, charges.