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⭐️These adorable dog boots are perfect for keeping your pup safe and comfortable, whether you’re just walking down a hot street or taking your buddy out on an adventure in the wild. They keep your pup’s paws protected from rough terrain and their anti-slip properties are great for stability and mobility.

⭐️What people say: “Absolutely perfect!! I got a size 2 for my maltese, they fit just perfect! They feel like great quality, super easy to get on and off of my little guy, the soles are actual rubber and have tread to keep him from slipping. He didn’t even fight me when putting the on him, he hasn’t tried to take them off…”  :)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Kristy Eichmann

Small shoes o top. Fast Delivery

Chasity Weber

The M perfectly fit my 1 year puppy mix chihuahua-shit zu 10 pounds.

Phoebe Fadel

It was too small for my dog, but it is exactly as the photo

Rosario Tremblay

Equal to the photo, fit well to the sideburns have anti-slip

Aglae O'Reilly

They delayed arriving but I am very satisfied with the purchase! They look good on my dog, it's Maltese with poodle, weighs 7 and a half pounds and I asked him for the shoes in size L. Very nice.