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⭐️If your pup eats too fast, this Fun Feeder will change his habit. The Fun Feeder is a slow feeder which promotes fun and healthy eating by making mealtime a fun challenge. The maze-like design entertains and mentally stimulates your pup by making them “forage” for their food, and by slowing them down, the bowl helps prevent digestive issues like bloating.

⭐️What people say: “Our puggle Ike, he’s been gulping his food down since he was 8 weeks old. We also found, when we doggie sat another puppy, Ike, at 12 weeks old was also food agressive. I guess, in Ike’s mind, he was competing for food with our temporary puppy guest, so he started gulping his food down even faster! Thankfully we were able to stop Ike’s food aggression a long time ago, we haven’t been able to get him to slow down his eating, at least not until now!”

⭐️Give it a try, you'll be grateful. :)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Ernestina DuBuque

My dog doesn't serve xk has a lot of anxiety and throws away the plate but it's like in the picture

Bette Considine

Really food size for my french bulldog

Federico Bauch

All The agrees, bowl has even extra mini "feet" :) Plastic seems pretty solid, see see Psiaki wearing will give advice

Verlie Hintz

This is the second bowl, first ordered for one dog, but the second also liked it, I had to order the second. delivery is fast. thanks to the seller.

Santa Bailey

Quality product, suitable size and brings adhesives so it doesn't slip while the animal eats. At first it's weird for the animal and my bitch didn't know how to eat but in a few days she gets used to it.