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What Are The Benefits Of A Jumping Activation Ball?

While a good number of available dog toys offer mental stimulation, many of them can’t keep your pet entertained for hours on end. A jumping activation ball is designed to jump at random.

Your dog will absolutely love chasing after it and sinking his teeth, nose, and paws to explore it.

Here are a few benefits of a jumping activation ball:

  • Teeth Cleaning: Made with rubber nubbers, these balls are handy teeth cleaners for canines. As your pup runs and jumps after the ball, he will bite into the protruding bits repeatedly thereby cleaning his tiny canine teeth in the process.
  • Mental Stimulation: If your dog suffers from boredom when you are way, give a bouncy ball a try. It will excite his brain than most traditional toys out there. A good pet LED jumping activation ball is fitted with flashing lights, vibrating mechanism, and music, so it is bound to keep your furry friend stimulated for long periods of time.
  • Anxiety Relief: When entertained and happy, your dog is less likely to be anxious and stressed. The ball offers plenty of entertainment and is an awesome stress reliever.
  • Physical Activity: Granted, an activation jumping ball is not designed with a dog’s physical exercise needs in mind. However, because he will be jumping, kicking, and running after the ball, it is safe to say that the ball gives him a good workout.



1. Wicked Ball has three modes of interaction that are soft, normal and positive;

2, when the owner leaves, can also let the ball jump, roll and move, let them happy all day when we leave, it is safe for you and your pet;

4, Wicked Ball has been extensively tested and reaches the IPX67 standard. The outer casing is very strong and can be placed directly in the water, smoothly and safely so that you and your pet can have fun in the water and on land;

6. Cheerble Wicked Ball has a built-in collision sensor that automatically jumps out when it encounters obstacles;

7, it takes 1 hour to be fully charged, and the game time can be up to 8 hours;

8, it is also waterproof, can be washed with water, the shell is made of industrial grade materials, strong toughness, environmentally friendly materials, safe and reliable, the inner layer of the outer shell is made of polycarbonate, the hardness is relatively high, more importantly, it is suitable for pet use.


1. Name: bouncing ball,

2, weight: 200g (including battery)

3, size: 68 MM (2.67 inch),

4, battery: 3.7 V / 300 mAh,

5. Working temperature: 0-40C / 32F- 104F.

Relative temperature: 10% -90% (non-condensing)

6, the power supply

Power: DC 5 V

Current input: 350 Mah

Charging interface: universal USB interface

Nominal voltage: DC 3.4 V-4.2 V

Battery: Lithium battery, power: 3.7 V 300 Mah

Battery working time: 5 hours (continuous work, no downtime)

Package includes:

Flash ball x1

Manual x1

Data line x1

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