Your donation to the pet shelters

Jan 10, 22
Your donation to the pet shelters

We did it! We finally starting to cooperate with animal shelters across the states! We will gonna do the donations so we can rescue dogs and cats that have hard times on the streets or have other poor conditions.

So, this is how it works:

     1.You buy the special product on the home page

     2.And we give 5$ to the pet shelter


Ok, that’s how it works, now it’s time to explain why is this important.

They need home

The average animal shelter is home to hundreds of animals that need a good home. They provide food and medical care for these animals until they find their forever homes. By donating to an animal shelter you give them the resources necessary to continue helping animals in need. You also get the satisfaction of knowing your donation will go towards something meaningful and not just be used for profit by some company or corporation. This will not only save their lives, but also improve their quality of life. Be sure to adopt a dog or cat so you can help even more. You can rescue dogs or cats by volunteering too. That will be a kind memory that will follow you later in life. We were already been adopting the dogs two times and will do it as much we can. Dog shelters near me have really polite staff so you should be polite with them too. Continue to rescue dogs and cats and remember to buy that product on Pawiend ‘cause it will save the life of the cute home searchers at the animal shelter of the month!


Everybody can volunteer



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