Vet house

Dec 13, 21
Vet house

Many of us in this situation (Lockdown) are blocked from doing some things like getting your pet to the nearest vet. But don’t worry ‘cause there is a lot of products that you can use to help your pet if he’sick. Pawiend have a nice range of products that can help your pet feel better and put you at ease too.


Make your home a Vet house with this products:


Making your pet warm with:



It’s really important to make your pet warm and comfortable so he will get more calm and endure fever more easily.


Make your pet well fed and not thirsty with:


Automatic pet feeder,

Portable pet water bottle...


Well, come on do I really need to explain why is this step important? Every single organism needs to eat and drink! Well at least I can explain advantage of this products.

Automatic pet feeder is helping you when you’re busy by setting time for feeding so you don’t need to fill a bowl every single time you want to feed your pet. Portable pet water bottle will help you when you finally set up appointment with the Vet clinic. When your dog get thirsty just let him drink from his own water bottle!


Make your pet clean from outside with:


Pet grooming gloves,

Pet hair dryer,

Dog toothbrush chewing stick...


Make your dog nice and clean with this products for which I don’t even need to explain how to use them.         


When you finally made an appointment with Vet clinic use this products that you definitely know how to use, and you even have 100% crystal clear description on the product page. Here are the products:


Pet bacpack carriers,

Breathable dog carrier,

Pet car seat mat...


Here ya go, with this you can make your home Vet house for a few days (I hope that all Vets get well and healthy so your dog gets a really good treatment)!


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