Pet Store Jersey City

Dec 23, 21
Pet Store Jersey City

Are you a usual, everyday citizen of New York? Then you probably know about pet stores in the area of Jersey City. But if you are newbie there, just got in town with your pet or want to buy it, then we will give you a little tour.


  1. Hound About Town

This pet supplies stores can be found in 218 Montgomery Street and 17 McWilliams Pl.

They have products for cats and dogs like bowls, food, toys and other stuff.

For more information visit their site.


  1. Fussy Friends Pet Supplies

A nice store with (like the name says) pet supplies. They have all kinds of supplies and you can adopt pets (I’m not sure on which day but you can just pay a visit, the staff is good there). Fussy Friends Pet Store is located at 148 Newark Ave. Or just visit their site.


  1. Animal Clinic & Hospital Of Jersey City

If you want to know a good vet clinic try the official one. There is many happy patients and their pet parents. Now you know where to go when your pet gets sick.


  1. K9dergarden

You live alone with your pet and go to work where is no pets allowed? Then you can leave your pet at K9dergarten. Your pet will be safe and sound while you’re at work. They do grooming too!


Well that was a small tour of Pet Stores In Jersey City, New York, I hope that you and your pet will enjoy visiting this and other stores and vets around there. Never forget that we exist too! In the times like this when there is lockdowns or you just get sick and can’t go anywhere go visit us on Pawiend and buy some products for your pet, it arrives right on your door!


Hound About Town logo


Fussy Friends store


Animal Clinic & Hospital of Jersey City


Doggos in K9dergarten



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