Pet shops in Muncie Indiana

Dec 28, 21
Pet shops in Muncie Indiana

Are you new to this town? We will give you a small tour (again).  There is good pet shops in Muncie, Indiana that will get your eyes fixed to them. We will write a little about shelters too, so you can be kind and rescue a pet from there and that pet will become a loyal companion of yours. So let’s begin!

Here is the list and desc. of pet shops in Muncie, Indiana, here we go:

  1. Pet Smart

A big chain of pet products and pet care has it’s store at 3450 N Morrison Rd. They have brands like Hill’s, Royal Canin, Purina Pro Plan, etc. They have services like grooming, pets hotel, doggyday camp, dog training, Vet and adoption. Be sure to visit if you like the way of luxury.


  1. Quick Tag

The store that sells tags for dogs. Their address is Walmart 4801, W Clara Ln. They are selling lot types of tags like sport tags, classic tags, or even Disney tags. So if you want a stylish tag for your dog be sure to check this store.


  1. Rural King

With a big amount of product range for literally everything, there is a lot of products for pets too.

Their address is 4000 W Bethel Ave. They have everything, from home appliances to pet supplies so be sure to check their store.


And here goes the animal shelters where you can be kind and generous and make life of the pet you adopted easier:

  1. Grateful Rescue And Sanctuary

Their address is 4220 N County Rd 500 W. Adopt a pet and make the life more interesting. If you want to volunteer you can make an appointment with them for that.


  1. ARF Animal Rescue Fund

They are located at 1209 W Riggin Rd. Again, adopting a pet is a very good thing to do. So be sure to go to this one too to adopt one or volunteer.



So, we written about pet shops in Muncie, Indiana, Muncie animal shelter services and Muncie animal shelter volunteering offers. Happy winter holidays. Bye 💝


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