Life of a Fashionable pet

Dec 15, 21
Life of a Fashionable pet

We are happy to announce our new Pet Fashionable products!

Make your pet comfortable, your house clean and you will stand out on the streets with this collection.

Here is a list of products for your pet to be more fashionable:

       1. Pet glasses


Make your pet look cool with this Lennons on the streets or anywhere else.

There is litteraly 13 colors! Choose one and let your pet play like a rockstar around!


  1. Police west cosplay


Make your pet a Main Character in town with this west.

It looks cool and what’s most important, it’s comfortable! There is 4 sizes, so even the small cuties can “Protect and Serve”!


And now something that will make owners life easier:


  1. Pet towel

Now wiping your pet after bath will be more comfortable. This towel is designed specially for pets. It comes in five colors and three dimensions!


  1. Waterproof pet mat

Make your floor stay clean by having this product so that when people coming to your house don’t need to wait at your doors and listen to your weird excuses later.


  1. Waste bag case

Be the most caring owner on the streets with this cute bone-looking waste bag case.

Your waste bags will not wander around like they usually do and you will have nice looking practical tool with a hook attached wherever you want to attach to you so it can stand out and clean your pet’s waste in no time.



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