How To Teach Your Dog To Roll Over

Dec 24, 21
How To Teach Your Dog To Roll Over

A lot of you out there like to see other dogs doing tricks a lot. Well, do you want to train your dog too? Training your dog to do all possible tricks is a long process and we couldn't write it in one blog. So we will write just about how to teach your dog to roll over. 


1. Have your dog sit before you begin to make sure he’s not distracted. Make sure your dog isn’t looking at what you are doing.


2. Without actually touching him, touch his paw with one finger. He will probably move it away from you but that is okay. Praise him and give him a treat when he moves his paw away from you. Repeat this if necessary until he understands that moving his paw away from you earns him a treat.


3. Hold out your hand flat towards his paw again but don’t touch him. When he moves his paw, say "roll over" while you move yours up towards his head (your palm facing down). If he doesn't move fast enough or does something else instead of rolling over, try again later, or repeat this step until he understands what you want him to do. If he does roll over, praise him and give him a treat.


Or with the treat technique:


1. Begin by holding out a treat in your hand and asking your dog if he wants it. He will likely sniff the treat in your hand and try to take it from you. Be calm while training him, so he will learn that being calm is rewarded with treats.


2. After he has sniffed the treat in your hand, keep his attention on the treat by holding it above his head. He will likely stretch his neck up to try and reach the treat. As soon as he reaches up, gently push down on his shoulder so that he is lying on his side. Give him the treat once he do it.


3. Then similar in the previous technique (but this time with a treat in your hand) move your hand above the dog and say "roll over" and when he rolls over give him a treat.


Overall, teaching your dog how to roll over is relatively easy. It’s basically just a matter of patiently showing them the move until they figure it out. Be sure to go through this training at your dog’s pace and praise him every step of the way. You’re sure to see that adorable look on his face when he finally gets it!

That was the tutorial of how to teach your dog to roll over. Bye 


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She learned it!



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