How to feed your dog

Dec 16, 21
How to feed your dog

Feeding a dog is probably one of the most common tasks that any dog owner will do. Most people might assume that feeding a dog is an easy task to do, but it can be difficult to know how much food to give a dog and when to feed them. In addition to knowing what food to give your dog, you should also know how much food is appropriate for a dog of a certain age, size, and activity level. Here are some guidelines that you can follow when feeding your dog.

1. Feeding

As it’s said in the text above, you need to watch out for age, size and activity level. That’s what your vet can tell you (and not us ‘cause there is no strict formula for breeds, as an example take my dog:

It’s a Redbone Coonhound and eat’s kinda lot in compare to my friend’s Coonhound that’s from the same mother). So, after you done that there is the way to help in dosing. You can buy the Automatic pet feeder for a fair price and set the time and dose for feeding.


2. Treats

One thing that most owners do not realize is that treats are not healthy for dogs. While they are great to have around during training or as a reward for good behavior, they should not be given in large amounts. When feeding your dog treats, try having them only once or twice a week at the most. If you have an overweight dog or one with medical problems such as diabetes or hypertension, even less often may be better. Therefore, it is best if you avoid giving your dog so many treats all of the time.


3. Food Bowls


You will need right size of the bowl. Dogs can sometimes spill water when drinking it so be sure to put waterproof mat. Now let your dog enjoy in his lunch.

That’s all you need to know about feeding your dog, now go, feed him he’s waiting for his lunch!

Automatic pet feeder


Waterproof mat         


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