Gifting time

Dec 30, 21
Gifting time

Gifting time


The winter is here and so is the time for gifts. We prepared special gifts for cats and dogs.

The dog gift selection:


  1. Outdoor dog shoes

Perfect dog gift for warming up and protecting your pet’s paws when going outside.

Check them at our store and give it to your pet, it’s a perfect and very useful gift too!


  1. Waterproof dog clothes for large dogs

Your big doggo will be happy and warm when going outside. Buy this and your dog can play in snow with you without worries of him getting cold.


  1. Rechargeable LED dog collar

You think there is not enough lights at night or just more that dazzling Christmas lights. Well, there you go more dazzling lights, now on your doggo.


  1. Winter dog bed blanket

Make your dog warm at home when he is not in his bed. Floor can be cold even if the house has the heating on. So, this is really lovely dog gift for winter.


Cat gift selection:


  1. Cat tent

We all know how much cats like warmth. This Cat tent is the perfect gift for your cat, so she can have her time.


  1. Cat scratching ball (and board)

If you don’t go outside with your cat for a quite of a time she will start doing her nailwork around the home. Give her one of this two (or both) as a gift and your home will stay in one piece!


  1. Automatic cat laser

If you get sick this winter (there is high percentage for everyone for that, of course) and feel weak, don’t worry. Since even cats can’t chill forever they will search for training, but you can’t move too much. Well, just order Automatic cat laser over our store and put it wherever you want and enjoy watching cats play while laser light is moving itself! Cats love this so it’s 100% purrfect!


  1. Cats brush corner

Cats love brushing. This nice cat gift will make your cat really happy and petting will be more comfortable ‘cause there is less hair falling when you do it (look, I know that feel).


This is some of the recommended gifts that you can give to your pets. Maybe they won’t buy you anything, but they will give you what cannot be bought. For more check our store.



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