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Calming music for dogs
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If you have ever wondered how musicians can use music to calm dogs, the answer is simple. By calming his own mind and putting aside all outside distractions, the musician can tap into this universal frequency that is known as the “doggy zone” or dog music. This energy helps calm your dog, allowing them to connect with their inner self in a way they never thought possible before.

Our list of calming music for dogs provides your pup with the perfect mix of songs to listen to when you are busy or can’t give her full attention. These soothing songs have been carefully selected based on their ability to relax and soothe your dog during times of high anxiety. If you want help finding the best calming music for your dog, check out our expert roundup now.

Petting Puppy Time: Winding Down With Ultra Relaxing Flute Music
Bluebonnet Sonata: Beautiful, Soothing Song for Puppies and Kitties

Companionship: Calming Music to Help Relieve Separation Anxiety, Stress

Canon in D: Symphonic Music With Riverside Soundscapes for Adult Dogs

Cadent Waterfalls: Naturally Calm Down and Comfort Lap Dogs, Kittens

Gymnopedie With Nature Sounds: Soft Music for Grooming Household Pets

Canine Relaxation: Top Music for Your Precious Pooch (Doggy Pet Care)

Compassion: Delicate Music for Pet Runaways and Rescue Animals

Love and Trust Animal Care: Gentle Song for Pet and Owner Bonding

This Heart Endures: Music to Help Deal With Grief from Loss of Pet, Old Dog

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